Elisa Bertaglia artworks at BOOTH #A61 in Miami Beach 2022 by Sarahcrown Gallery at Untitled Art Fair


C’è chi ricomincia da Tre e chi va …ol-TRE da sempre, come l’artista eclettica Elisa Bertaglia made in Fetonte City upon Eridano e anche per questo tante volte ‘raccontata’ qui su www.polesinesport.it viaggiando sul sidecar delle sue ‘esposizioni internazionali’.

E allora eccola adesso a Miami Beach dove i suoi ‘artworks’ vengono rappresentati by Sarahcrown Gallery at Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach, mentre in calce vi proponiamo, giusto per 'ricordarla ancora' , la sua ufficiale Elisa Bertaglia Biography by suo web site.

Tra l’altro, ci scrive la stessa Elisa Bertaglia, “ For this occasion a brand new series of works on gold will be on view at Booth #A61, from November 29 to December 3, 2022”.

E allora , come ulteriore segno della internazionalità artistica di Elisa Bertaglia, eccovi tout , in prologo al programma/focus by Sarahcrown Gallery, alcune segnalazioni by Elisa ‘th artist’ direttamente : << SARAHCROWN is proud to participate in the 2022 edition of UNTITLED Miami Beach with a curated selection of artworks by Elisa Bertaglia, Reuven Israel, and Dov Talpaz. The fair takes place during Miami Art Week, between November 29 – December 3, 2022.

Our booth #A61 FEATURES A BRAND NEW SERIES OF PAINTING ON GOLD PLATES BY ELISA BERTAGLIA, new kinetic sculptural works by Reuven Israel, and relief paintings by Dov Talpaz.

As a preview of our December exhibition, we will also introduce a porcelain and glass sculpture by Amy Lemaire & Nicolas Touron.>> 


MAIN NEWS ( di Elisa Bertaglia, mail 24.11.2022)/ANNOUNCING: UNTITLED Miami Beach Nov 29–Dec 3, 2022

Booth #A61 / Representing Elisa Bertaglia, Reuven Israel, Dov Talpaz and a national preview of Amy Lemaire & Nicolas Touron



Monday, 28 Nov, 1pm–8pm: VIP and Press Preview

Tuesday, 29 Nov, 11am–7pm

Wednesday, 30 Nov, 11am–7pm

Thursday, 1 Dec, 11am–7pm

Friday, 2 Dec, 11am–7pm

Saturday, 3 Dec, 11am–7pm



Ocean Drive and 12th Street

Miami Beach, Florida

Valet service is available on the corner of 11th Street and Ocean Court.





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Monday 28 Nov


Performance: Whitney Lynn, "Before the Wax Melts" (2022)

Tuesday 29 Nov


De la Cruz Collection: "Together, at the Same Time"


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Podcast: SWAMP ARCHEOLOGIES - Episode 1, Donette Francis. Presented by [NAME]


Performance: "Titling the Untitled: An Interview Series," (2022) presented by The Locker Room with host Catherine Candor


Performance: "INSTANT ART," (2022) by Fabiola Larios presented by Lonely ROCKS


Podcast: SWAMP ARCHEOLOGIES - Episode 2, Kevin Arrow. Presented by [NAME]


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Kevin Arrow Broadsheet Release. Presented by EXILE Books

Wednesday 30 Nov


De la Cruz Collection: "Together, at the Same Time"


Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022 Open Hours


Podcast: MY BODY, OUR SELVES: PERCEPTION v. PRESUMPTION. With Zoe Buckman, Jasmine Wahi, & Genevieve Gaignard. Presented by Her Clique.


Podcast: WHOSE HISTORY? The Real and the Ideal. With Dread Scott & Rujeko Hockley. Presented by Her Clique


Podcast: MYTH INTO MONUMENT: PUBLIC ART AND ITS LEGACY. With Hank Willis Thomas & Dara Friedman. Presented by Her Clique


Joyce Billet Broadsheet Release. Presented by EXILE Books


Opening Reception for GOOD TO KNOW.FYI presents BETA FISH @Beaches on the beach

Thursday 1 Dec


Baker's Brunch at Bakehouse Art Complex: Open Studios + Cafecito


De la Cruz Collection: "Together, at the Same Time"


Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022 Open Hours


Podcast: The power of XR technologies on the art world: talking digital and VR exhibitions with Vortic and Gretchen Andrew


Podcast: Extending opportunities beyond the fair, establishing art fair prizes. A conversation with selected Premier Prize Partners of Untitled Art


Special Project: "Viewfinder with Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo" presented by SEPTEMBER


Podcast: Devan Shimoyama and the Tarot Series. Presented by De Buck Gallery


Podcast: Highlighting and Archiving Blackness in the Americas and Caribbean. Presented by Auttrianna Projects and The55Project.


Opening Reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami for Didier William: "Nou Kite Tout Sa Dèyè"

Friday 2 Dec


De la Cruz Collection: "Together, at the Same Time"


Special Project: "Viewfinder with Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo" presented by SEPTEMBER


Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022 Open Hours


Podcast: Beyond Art Week: Miami Beach's Public Art and Artistic Community


Podcast: "A Notable Journey." A conversation with Curtis Patterson, presented by Laney Contemporary




Performance: Lucas de Lima, "Tropical Sacrifice: A Performance," presented by Marisa Newman Projects


Podcast: Reproductive Justice, Art History, and Witchcraft in Angela Fraleigh’s The Raving Ones. Presented by Sean Horton (Presents)

Saturday 3 Dec


De la Cruz Collection: "Together, at the Same Time"


Special Project: "Viewfinder With Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo" Presented By SEPTEMBER


Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022 Open Hours


"Nou Kite Tout Sa Dèyè" exhibition tour with the artist Didier William and curator Erika Moiah James at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami


Podcast: Scratching, remixing and hacking the consumption of Latin (x)(o)(a)e)(+) narratives, a conversation with R.I.C.O.R.O.B.O


Podcast: Exhibiting Artist Jason REVOK in conversation with curator Jova Lynne, presented by Library Street Collective


Podcast: Highlighting exhibiting artists at Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2022


"Water Ecologies for our Shared Future" Book Launch. Presented by EXILE Books

Sunday 4 Dec


Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum - FIU: Breakfast in the Park



Val del Omar

Por aquí ya no hay camino, (There’s no path here anymore), circa 1961

Sound file, MP3 Player, 8 speakers, and amplifier

Presented by Max Estrella, A36

Val del Omar’s Por aquí ya no hay camino, (There’s no path here anymore), (circa 1961) is one of the first sound work installations presented as a Special Project at Untitled Art. Featuring a collection of sounds from the artist’s lab, which he called PLAT (Picto Lumínica Audio Tactil), the work is comprised of recordings from his movies, radio recordings, family conversations and reflections by him and others. After the artist’s passing, his lab’s contents were moved to the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid (Spain), where they were digitized in 2010 (originally, the work was recorded on an open ¼ inches magnetic tape. Using all these materials Val del Omar creates what he called “Sonidos Batidos,” or “Beaten Sounds” used to illustrate the Plat Experiences.


Yelaine Rodriguez

Shango | Digital Throne, 2022

Mixed-media installation

Presented by Auttrianna Projects

Shango | Digital Throne at Untitled Art is the third iteration of conceptual artist Yelaine Rodriguez's immersive altars. In collaboration with Mare Residency Founder Auttrianna Ward, this version will incorporate digital offerings to Shango from various Afro-Diasporic artists working within video art. The installation and activation are a meeting between Ward's popular online exhibit Digital Legacies 2.0, and Rodriguez's ongoing research and digital-based practice, and include video work offerings curated by Ward from artists biarritzzz and Taína Cruz:

Taína Cruz, Shango Offering, 2022. Single-channel video (rt: 3:00 min)

biarritzzz, Rei na Barriga, 2022. Single-channel video (rt:  3:00 min)

Programming by Auttrianna Projects is sponsored by: Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD), The55project, The Last Resort Artist Retreat, and Kalpa Art Advisory.


Adrian L. Burrell

The Saints Step in Kongo Time, 2022

Digital video and sound. RT: 18:00:00

Co-Presented by CULT Aimee Friberg and the ICA San Jose

Through a combination of film, photography, sculpture and installation, Adrian Burrell’s work closes the gap between oral history, written text and moving image while creating a space for collective memory. As a masterful storyteller, Burrell foregrounds the importance of place in our practices of memory and ritual.

The Saints Step in Kongo Time is a visual meditation on Burrell’s family's untold history, using film, oral histories, primary sources, and photography. With a running time of eighteen minutes, this poetic short film spans several generations from Burrell’s roots in Louisiana to his family's relocation to California. The film weaves through time and place, from Burrell visiting the land stolen from his ancestors to the family’s archival footage from West Oakland in the 1990s to the present day, showcasing their resilience and fortitude.

Burrell writes, “For Black America, family histories did not enter the annals due to a lack of legal personhood and equal recognition by the State.” In advance of this film Burrell worked with an investigative genealogist, connecting with relatives currently living in New Iberia, Louisiana. Burrell adds, “After investigating my family history through film, photography, and archival research, I discovered that my ancestors were forced to serve the confederacy as slaves during the Civil War.” Burrell explores the traumas and joys in our familial histories and gives witness to contemporary Black life in the United States. Through The Saints Step in Kongo Time he aims to reinterpret and archive the oral and written history of his own family and to serve as a model for other Black Americans from similar backgrounds.


For Freedoms News Live from Untitled Art Fair!, 2022


Presented by For Freedoms

Following its premier at the Brooklyn Museum (October 28 - November 6, 2022), For Freedoms announces that For Freedoms News (FFN) will be presented in its second iteration at Untitled Art. Using the look and feel of broadcast news, this artist-led project seeks to generate broader civic engagement in advance of the 2022 midterm elections which will be complete prior to the fair’s start. For Freedom’s activation in Miami will consist of an interview area and news set in parallel with a performance of roving “reporters on the street” recording live news throughout the fair. Through video and live reporting, For Freedoms will incorporate a variegated community of artists, collectors, dealers, press, and other fair-goers about the intricacies, banalities, and expansiveness of art, politics, and society within an art fair environment. Similar to the preceding format of FFN, the news set at Untitled Art will serve as a hub for correspondents to meet at allocated times and a backdrop for filmed content.


Amanda Keeley

All is well

All is well

All is well


Powder-coated stainless steel

Presented by The Bonnier Gallery, B34

Inspired by Buddhist prayer wheels, Amanda Keeley presents All is well All is well All is well (2022), a cylindrical sculpture embedded with a text from the Heart Sutra, written in the direction of the sun's movement across the sky. Despite the traditional clockwise rotation of meditation wheels, Keeley will ask that the audience turn the wheel three times to the left to experience the artwork. Not only does this increase the merit earned by the wheel's use, but offers a mind-stabilization technique that trains the mind while the body is in motion. The practitioner can repeat the mantra as often as possible during the wheel's turning, sending positive energy into our universe.


Ema Ri

Language is leaving me, 2021

Housepaint and drywall

Courtesy of the Jorge M. Pérez Collection, Miami, and El Espacio 23

Ema Ri’s Language is leaving me, (2021) will materially possess the walls to expose organic patterns, shapes, and the extensive representations of life through excised paint, and plaster, coming alive from the inside out.  Life is made of patterns, repeating shapes of perfect geometry/seemingly random and chaotic events. Ri takes hold of this when dissecting the interiors of drywall. A second-generation Cuban-American and queer artist, Ri’s practice contemplates the unseen relationships, communions, and felt impressions that everything and everyone experiences. Work by Ri will be featured in the significant upcoming exhibition You Know Who You Are: Recent Acquisitions of Cuban Art from the Jorge M. Perez Collection at El Espacio 23.


María La Ribot

Walk the Authors, 2018

Thermally engraved wooden folding chairs

Presented by Max Estrella, A36

This installation is made up of a number of wooden, mass-produced folding chairs, all covered with laser-engraved text. To read the text—which is comprised of personal stories—visitors must engage with the seats themselves by opening and closing, turning, and lowering them.

“In the extended chair family there are some important differences: those from London were conceived as a closed group and to invite action; those from Madrid were inscribed with inclusion in mind; this third group, the Mexicans, are independent, they have a voice, they are authors whose stories can only be understood by reading them. I invite you to take up a chair and patiently try to read what is written. To do this you need to use your body and work with the chair, opening and closing, turning, and lowering. You have to involve yourself with the chair: touch it, squat by it, kneel and lean. You can start reading the stories of Geneviève, María José, Tamara, Señora Caetano, Carles and Henry from the point marked with a small section of blue tape or piece of wire.” — an excerpt from La Ribot’s wall text for Take a Seat (2018 07.25-10.14 ), CCEMx-Centro Cultural de España en México




Yucef Merhi and Auguste Herbin

tête-à-tête, 2022

Organized by Adriana Meneses Ímber, and supported by the University of Miami Libraries, The Sofía Ímber Archive, and MACSI Project

Following the passing of Adriana Meneses Ímber's mother, Sofía Ímber, in 2017, the curator embarked on a journey of documenting and preserving her legacy as one of the key influential women in Latin American art and culture in the 20th century. In a sense, to continue their connectedness and shared passion for the arts in digitizing Ímber’s archive and cataloging her personal collection. Of specific emphasis in this process was Ímber’s relationships with the French painter Auguste Herbin (1882-1960), of which their extensive correspondence is now under the custody of the University of Miami, as well as the Miami-based artist Yucef Merhi (b. 1977, Venezuela).

The Dialogues of Time is a conversation between the works and worlds of Herbin and Merhi. The installation is arranged using a spatial array system known as a datagram, devised by Merhi in 1998. It is comprised of enlarged hand-written letters, postcards, envelopes, and photographs, sent between Herbin and Ímber in the late 1950s, as well as original works made by Herbin.

Brought together at first through their connection with Sofía Ímber, and here further unfolding through their shared exploration of language. Auguste Herbin created a “visual alphabet” in the mid-1940’s in an attempt to codify the relationship between letters, forms, and colors; and Yucef Merhi, a pioneer of digital art, has produced a wide body of works that engage with poetry, archives, coding, AI, and retro video game platforms, towards the formulation of dynamic linguistic experiences.


Angela Fraleigh

The Raving Ones, 2022

Oil and acrylic paintings (displayed on oil pigment stick wall drawing printed on phototex)

Presented by Sean Horton (Presents), C11

A special installation by American painter Angela Fraleigh for the VIP Lounge of Untitled Art 2022, re-imagines, and re-signifies female characters from familiar tales to challenge perceptions of the past and reimagine different futures. The 12 x 28 ft long painting and drawing installation consists of multiple paintings installed on hand-drawn wallpaper. Drawing on parallels between art production and spellcraft, Fraleigh’s work harnesses the magic of making the invisible, visible. Illuminating erased or forgotten female figures, her paintings unsettle narratives that seem familiar in order to shift perspectives and upend contemporary power dynamics.



Untitled Art VIP Lounge, 2022

In celebration of the longstanding tradition of Untitled Art working with artists to activate the VIP Lounge, visitors this year will find an installation and group exhibition presented by BEVERLY'S, the artist-led bar and alternative exhibition space based in the Lower East Side / Chinatown neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. Works on view by artists: Marie Anine Moller, Julia Colavita, Sonia Louise Davis, Leah Dixon, Ivan Forde, Alexandra Hammond, Jack Henry, Chris Herity, Hayley Martell, Azikiwe Mohammed, Heidi Norton, Stina Puotinen, Carlos Rosales-Silva, and H Spencer Young.


Jen Clay

Forget Me Not, 2022

Quilted textile, and dyed cotton

Kelly Breez

One Big Postcard, 2022

Acrylic, spray enamel, collaged material, and 15 wood veneer species

Autumn Casey

Part Of Your World, 2022

Found mirrors, fiberglass, spray foam, recycled foam, paint, solar-powered capsules, gems, shells, crystals, rocks, paper, and resin on wooden table

Presented by Oolite and Virgin Voyages

Clay, Breez, and Casey manifest three "hammocks" allowing viewers to immerse themselves in different environments. Clay’s piece is a site of rest and respite that seeks to engage with visitors through a tactile experience. Drawing from the visual language of a vacant lot where weeds and plants grow wild through cracks in the concrete, her textiles visually and thematically explore the notion of an unfamiliar force permeating our comfort zones of familiarity. Breez utilizes patchworked veneers as a means of international travel. With 15 veneer species from around the world on one surface, it reminds us how different states and countries produce such visually disparate things, like plants, people, and architecture. Casey’s work revolves around found objects— The stories they tell and the characters they become. She looks to unlock their secrets, embellish or ultimately create sculptural sites of fantasy.


Imi Knoebel

Highlighted solo booth of a historical presentation

Presented by Galerie Christian Lethert, A7

This year’s selected gallery is Galerie Christian Lethert (Cologne, Germany) who is exhibiting the work of 82-year-old artist Imi Knoebel, a German painter and sculptor known for his contributions to and shaping of 20th century Minimalist abstract art.


Brecht Wright Gander

Family Portrait #4, 2022

Motor, carpet, fiberboard, steel, copper, aluminum, LED lights, acrylic, plaster, wood, and burlap

Untitled 22.1, 2022

Steel, bronze, acrylic, and LED lights

Untitled 22.2, 2022

Aluminum, copper, steel, and wood

Untitled 22.3, 2022

Bronze and steel

Presented by Room 57, C52

Brecht Wright Gander’s latest sculptural works consider the border between a body and its environment.  Markers of domestic interiors—for instance beige carpet—are used to summon a sense of the familiar set against ominously incomplete human forms. The repetitive actions of motors within the work suggest a mechanistic absence of free will, a few going so far to be on illuminated panels to imbue a sense of theatricality. The work speaks with a simmering, concentrated palate of urge and desire.


Joyce Billet

Above the Ground, 2022

Plants, etched plywood, and 3D-printed renewable PLA

In collaboration with Center for Subtropical Affairs and FIU Robotics and Digital Fabrication Lab.

Supported by Villa Albertine.

Above the Ground explores the connection between the natural and the digital and introduces plant material utilized in South Florida. Drawings and paintings from photographs of the species inform the integrated cuts,etchings, and sculptural forms. The installation gives a sense of intimacy through visual, tactile, and functional sculptural elements. The work explores themes of memory, nature, and evolution. Above the Ground will be accompanied by a publication released by Exile Books.


Rachel Garrard

Pathways Beyond Time, 2022

Sand and found objects

Presented by Colector, A52

Artist Rachel Garrard will construct a temporary installation on Miami Beach in continuation of her site-specific, transitory installations that use nature as their medium. In the large rusted steel sculptures that seemingly emerge from the sand in reference of ancient traditions, the artist and landscape will co-create and co-design the surrounding space, recalibrating the environment to reveal its essential symbolic qualities via symbiotic interaction with the elements, the ocean, and those who participate with the work.


Studio Lenca

Ni de aquí, ni de allá (Not from here, not from there), 2022

Painting and wooden sculptures

Presented by Y.ES Contemporary, supported by Gallery RED Mallorca, A45

The Spanish phrase ‘ni de aquí, ni de allá’ is a phrase used frequently by bilingual and bicultural Latinx people to describe the intersecting identities of being displaced. Formally labeled an ‘illegal alien’ whilst living in the US, Salvadoran artist Studio Lenca now works from the UK. The phrase “ni de aquí, ni de allá,” also speaks to the artist's queer identity. Studio Lenca takes refuge in his work, the only place he truly feels he belongs.

Through paintings and sculptural works the artist explores an estranged cultural heritage and universal themes of identity. Studio Lenca creates a world where Latinx people are empowered to take up space and tell their own stories. Large scale paintings are accompanied by sculptural pieces from the artist’s Chisme installation.


Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

Viewfinder with Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Ongoing

Custom viewfinder

Presented by SEPTEMBER, C17

The project, inspired by, and dedicated to, artist, educator, and activist Corita Kent, invites visitors to practice seeing our world differently. In conjunction with their publication 'Slow Looking: These Views Are Our Tools' published by Childish Books, as well as an online presentation, Branfman-Verissimo will invite people to cut a 'view' from provided postcards and printouts, explore the fair though a unique lens, and bring their viewfinders outside to discover new ways of slow looking and deep investigation of the surrounding area. A takeaway map of landmarks and spaces in Miami that center Black, Queer, and Diasporic History will be provided as an educational tool and guide for exploration. Self-taken photos of views can be uploaded and shared to an online space that will serve as a multi/collective view of this current and historic time and place, offering new perspectives to those who are in attendance in Miami, as well as to those who are virtually visiting from afar.

APPENDICE FLASH – ELISA BERTAGLIA BIOGRAPHY ( by www.elisabertaglia.com)/ 


Elisa Bertaglia is an Italian visual artist. She was born in 1983, in Rovigo, Italy. 

She studied at Venice Academy of Fine Arts under Carlo Di Raco; she graduated in painting at the first level in 2006 and at the second level painting in 2009 with distinction. In 2008 she collaborated with Riccardo Caldura curating Devozioni Domestiche–a group show for Contemporaneo Gallery, in Mestre, Italy–, also writing an essay for the exhibition catalogue. In 2009 she won a scholarship for painting in Carlo Di Raco’s Painting Atelier at Venice Academy of Fine Arts.

In April 2011 she was selected to exhibit Populus III, a series of drawings and paintings on paper, at 54ma Venice Biennale at the Academy Pavilion.

From 2009 until today her work has been selected and mentioned for various awards, and several articles have been written about her work.

Elisa Bertaglia participates in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

In Elisa Bertaglia’s artistic research, the world of unconscious, nature, duality and memory, is represented through a  miscellaneous approach, made of series of small and large-scale paintings and drawings on paper, wood or canvas, wall drawings, small installations and site-specific projects.

Resolutely avoiding an illustrative approach, the influence of literature, such as the Classics or novels by contemporary writers (Maurizio Maggiani, Patricia Higsmith, Cornelius Eady, Han Kang), and cinema (Patrice Leconte, Bernardo Bertolucci, Kim Ki-Duk), open the artist’s work to several layers of interpretation.

Through a philosophical approach and an oneiric and symbolic language, the artist portrays a rich vocabulary of plants, animals and children, fully immersed into imaginary, but possible,  landscapes.

Bertaglia investigates the concept of threshold as a metamorphosis, difficult and necessary to the search and the development of the identity: vertebras and fish skulls, roots and intertwined leaflets, children and wild beasts, hanging in the empty space or bound on branches of carnivorous plants, are symbols of the short circuit in the complex compendium of rituals and rules that celebrate the natural passage between non-consciousness and consciousness.



EXTRATIME by SS/ In cover l’artista Elisa Bertaglia mentre spiega …quello che poi vi riproponiamo in versione panoramica dulcis in fundo , cioè “Hic Sunt Dracones”- solo show, curated by Sarahcrown già a New York at “The Yard”.

Mentre al centro della fotogallery ripartiamo da New York mostrandovi la sly-line by stesso sito di Elisa Bertaglia (anche perché si parla di artist residency) per arrivare a Miami Beach prossima ‘selection artworks’ griffata Elisa Bertaglia, proponendovi la sua opera “Corpo Celeste, 6x4 in (15,3x10,2 cm), oil on rose gold, 2022 “.



Elisa Bertaglia & Sergio Sottovia