Nella “24 Ore di Daytona” la Ferrari 488 GT3 di Alessandro Balzan in testa ma ritirata a 2 ore dal termine/ Così ha vinto la Porsche 911 RSR


Tanto rammarico per la Scuderia Corsa e soprattutto per il poker d’assi ‘quartetto piloti’ formato da Christina Nielsen, Alessandro Balzan, Matteo Cressoni, Sam Bird che sulla pista di Daytona stavano pregustando la vittoria nella classica “24 ORE”, visto che a poco meno di 2 ore dal termine la loro Ferrari 488 GT3  stava dominando la corsa.
Purtroppo , causa problemi meccanici, la Ferrari No. 63 di Alessandro Balzan & Friends è stata costretta al ritiro, lasciando campo aperto agli avversari.
E allora ha vinto la Porsche 911 GT RSR , per la gioia di Mueller e dei piloti che sono saliti sul podio e che noi vi certifichiamo proponendovi in fotogallery le relative Classifiche finali, a partire dal ‘fortunato’ vincitore fino al team della Scuderia Corsa  classificatosi soltanto 38 avendo percorso soltanto ‘575 laps’ ,nel tempo di 21 h, 57minuti , 49 secondi, e 129 centesimi, in cui la Ferrari 488 GT3 ha potuto essere in corsa.
E Alessandro Balzan come ha vissuto l’esperienza statunitense, nella classe GT-Daytona del campionato Imsa nordamericano?
Semplice, basta leggere i suoi Post sul suo profilo Facebook , partendo dai Commenti post prove e durante le fasi gara, di cui vi proponiamo tra Anteprima News e Main News , anche reportage completo by sito ufficiale della “Scuderia Corsa” , tra aspettative e considerazioni finali ‘comunque positivi’ anche da parte di patron Mattioli.


PRIMO POST by Alessandro Balzan / 26 gennaio alle ore 15:40 •/ 
Secondo in qualifica per la 24 ore di Daytona per mmmm.......0.018 sec (grande Ale Pier Guidi) 😂😂😂 "say whaaaaaaat?????" Grazie a Scuderia Corsa per una super Macchina! Mega Job!

SECONDO POST by Alessandro Balzan / 30 gennaio alle ore 5:23 •
È stata una super 24 ore di Daytona, eravamo in testa a circa due ore dalla fine quando siamo stati costretti al ritiro. Brucia molto perché avevamo un gap di 13 secondi, la 488 era perfetta da guidare e tutti da Scuderia Corsa ai miei compagni avevamo fatto un super lavoro! Ci riproveremo presto 😁


ANTEPRIMA MAIN NEWS / by scuderia, 29.01.2017)/ DAYTONA 24 HOUR : 15-Hour Report  ( 29 Jan 2017in IMSA Championship ) /
DAYTONA BEACH, Fl. (January 29, 2016)- Having raced now for 15 straight hours of a 24-hour race, Scuderia Corsa have emerged at the famed 24 Hours of Daytona as a clear contender, crossing the halfway point in fourth after leading on multiple occasions. Debuting the 488 GT3 at Daytona in the No. 63 Ferrari, drivers Christina Nielsen, Alessandro Balzan, Matteo Cressoni and Sam Bird have endured wet weather and now unbearably cold conditions to hold a strong showing in the early laps, priming the team for a great position as they look to finish out the night and engage in a long Sunday to the finish.
After Alessandro Balzan qualified the No. 63 Ferrari on the front row, the outright pace was evident as Balzan battled heavily with the race leader, pitting 45 minutes in for co-driver Christina Nielsen.


“It felt great to be back in,” stated co-driver Christina Nielsen. “It was nice to find the rhythm, our spotters did a great job, the whole team did a great job, I just enjoyed being out there having a great battle with the other drivers.  I feel like I’ve experienced close competition so far but very fair racing, which I really liked. We’re only a few hours in to the race, so we just have to stick to our plan, stick to our strategy and don’t have any major problems, we’re definitely in contention.”
After a strong run at the front of the field, the team would rotate through Nielsen, then Cressoni, setting the stage for an impressive stint by Sam Bird leading to the important six-hour mark, which is the first of four milestones to score points in the series’ North American Endurance Championship.
The IMSA North American Endurance Championship awards points at the 6, 12, 18 and 24 hour milestones, which would prove critical for Bird.
Just 15 minutes from the critical points-scoring six-hour marker, a falling of rain would lead much of the field to pit for wet tires; with the team taking the decision to remain on slicks allowing Sam to cross the line at six-hours in second position, scoring valuable points.

“When I got in the car it was already really dark,” stated Bird. “I was cautious at first to make sure there were no mistakes, but once we got in a rhythm we were fighting for the lead the whole way through. Then it started to rain more heavily and more heavily, to the point where going on slicks was very very difficult. We were sliding around a lot, but I had a fun battle exchanging leads quite a lot, which was good fun.”
Since then, all drivers have cycled through successfully, with Alessandro Balzan crossing the line at the 12-hour mark in fourth place, continuing to garner valuable points toward the team’s North American Endurance Championship efforts.
Continued updates can be found on the team’s social media channels, as well as full race coverage on
The race can be followed internationally on, or within the US via FOX Sports 2 from now until 1PM ET, and then on FOX Sports 1 from 1PM to the race end at 2:30PM.



( Leading Daytona 24 Performance by Scuderia Corsa Falls Short with Two Hours Remaining )
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (January 29, 2017)- After a commanding performance during the 24 Hours of Daytona that saw Scuderia Corsa at the front of the field on multiple occasions throughout the race, the opportunity for a Ferrari 488 GT3 victory would end with just two hours remaining due to a mechanical issue.
While the 24-hour long race is always famous for its challenges both on the cars and the personnel, the 2017 race would prove one of the most unique in recent history, with a constant downpour of rain creating major challenges throughout the night, including a seemingly endless period of caution flags.
For Scuderia Corsa, the real strength of the team would be tested under these conditions, as after leading on multiple occasions during the first half of the race, two separate penalties would send the team down the order during the late night portion, forcing the team to fight their way back on to the lead lap under not only constant rain, but a long series of caution periods that would delay their ability to regain lost ground.


After a long night of strategic pit stops, quick pit work and hard driving, when the dawn rose on Sunday morning, and the final hours of the race embarked, the team’s ability to overcome the night’s challenges prevailed. When the sun returned, Scuderia Corsa’s fighting spirit showed as the No. 63 would return to the lead lap, driving their fastest laps of the race in the process and breaking in to the top-five.
With four hours remaining, the stage was now set to fight for the lead on a level playing field.
Continuing the ascension back to the top, the No. 63 would continue a commanding performance that they’d managed all race, advancing from fifth place to second in a matter of laps, and turning the second-fastest lap of the entire category in the process. By time the race had three hours remaining, the Scuderia Corsa Ferrari was fighting for the lead.
Engaging yet again in a non-stop battle for first place, the car would assume the top spot on lap 547 with just under three hours remaining, pitting five laps later and re-emerging in a nose-to-tail battle to regain the lead, which would eventually happen on lap 556.
Building a 12-second lead with two hours remaining, the entire dynamic of the race would change, as the No. 63 suddenly slowed coming out of Turn Six, developing an issue that ultimately proved to end their event due to a mechanical issue.

After leading early, fighting their way back to the front overnight, and eventually opening up a commanding gap to their competitors in the closing stages, it would prove a tough blow to what had otherwise been a tremendous team effort.
For Christina Nielsen, in search of her first Daytona victory, the emotions were high.
“It’s super disappointing to end a race that you fought so hard for,” stated Nielsen. “After 22 hours we had everything falling to place. We had the team, we had the car and we had the driver line-up. The crew executed well in terms of strategy and pit stops, they set up the car well, everything was running strong even in tricky conditions. It’s sad that it had to end that way, but that’s racing and that’s how it goes sometimes. It’s just extra heartbreaking with events like the 24 Hours of Daytona because they only take place once a year, and that’s what makes them so special. It’s definitely not how you want to start a season, but we have a good record at Sebring, so hopefully we can continue where we left off in terms of speed and the overall package. Hopefully we’ll have a better result there and kick off a good season. I’m really happy with the team, it’s a great chemistry with Scuderia Corsa and it was great working with Sam and Matteo this weekend.”

For team owner Giacomo Mattioli, the trials and tribulations associated with endurance racing are all a part of the challenge.
“I am very proud of the team,” stated Mattioli. “Everyone in the organization was absolutely superb. The drivers put on a great display of their talent, especially in such challenging conditions. We were in a great position to win the race, and a very unusual mechanical issue took it away from us. We know we were the team to beat, and that only motivates us further for the next race at Sebring!”
Scuderia Corsa and the entire IMSA championship will resume in seven weeks’ time at the famed 12 Hours of Sebring, with practice beginning on Thursday, March 16, and the 12-Hour race taking place on Saturday, March 18. Live television coverage will take place on FOX Sports 1 on March 18 at 12:30PM ET, broadcast until race end at 11:00PM ET. International coverage will be available non-stop on

EXTRATIME by SS/ In cover e in fotogallery Alessandro Balzan by suo profilo facebook e in particolare una serie di immagini dedicate alla Ferrari 488 GT3 in corsa a Daytona e targata Scuderia Corsa, come anche da flash insieme a tutto lo staff di patron Giacomo Mattioli.
Oltre alla certificazione by Classifica Generale , dal vincitore fino appunto al poker d’assi della Scuderia Corsa.
E dulcis in fundo ancora Alessandro Balzan pilota e ‘acuto osservatore’ by box …rosso Ferrari.

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